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    Date Title Series Speaker
    4/16/2014 It Is God

    Bishop Gerald Loyd
    3/31/2014 Execute

    Bishop Gerald Loyd
    3/24/2014 Worrying

    Pastor Cassiaus Farrel
    3/17/2014 Great Expectation

    Rev. Enrique Lopez
    3/5/2014 Communication

    Dr. John Williford
    2/21/2014 Be of the Good Cheer

    Prophetess Janet Kreis
    1/31/2014 Solemn Assembly

    Prophet Barry Taylor
    1/9/2014 The Lord's Prayer

    Bishop Joseph Mattera
    1/2/2014 God's Love

    Bishop Jasper Rolle Jr.
    12/5/2013 New Creation

    Pastor Fred Sanles
    11/25/2013 Bartimaeus

    Pastor Dewey Friedel
    11/18/2013 Flaw Is Not Your Faith

    Pastor Janet Kreis
    11/12/2013 It's Time

    Evangelist Mark Dunfree
    10/23/2013 Favor

    Pastor Cassiaus Farrel
    10/15/2013 It's Time

    Bishop Gerald Loyd
    10/9/2013 In The Potter's Hands

    Dr David Minor Sr
    9/25/2013 The Life of David

    Bishop Ron Bailey
    9/18/2013 Power of Words

    Pastor Cassiaus Farrell
    9/9/2013 Taking Back Family

    Pastor Anthony Ventola
    8/19/2013 I Believe

    Evangelist Mark Dunfree
    8/2/2013 Heart Surgery

    Bishop Gerald Loyd
    7/23/2013 The Journey With The Lord

    Rev. Willie Alfonso
    7/17/2013 How To Profit

    Pastor Ron Marinari
    7/9/2013 Still Standing

    Bishop Barbara Glanton
    6/19/2013 When You Lose Access

    Pastor Wilson Delgado
    6/14/2013 God's Perspective

    Prophetess Bobbie Jo Hamilton
    6/7/2013 Watch What You Say

    Archbishop Ken McNatt
    5/22/2013 The Puzzle Of Life

    Pastor Dorothy Rajiah
    5/8/2013 Make Me Over

    Bishop Ron Bailey
    5/1/2013 Three Fold Cord

    Pastor Wilson Delgado
    4/24/2013 He Is With Me

    Archbishop LeRoy Bailey Jr.
      4/16/2013 The Greatest Giver

    Pastor Peter Lambo
    4/9/2013 Do Not Worry

    Pastor Fred Sanles
    4/2/2013 Good Friday

    Dr Rita Twiggs
    3/27/2013 Faith, Hope & Love

    Pastor Phil Cappuccio
    3/11/2013 From Fear to Love

    Dr. John Williford
    2/28/2013 Use It or Loose It

    Pastor Willie Gonzalez
    2/22/2013 Kingdom Movement

    Pastor Pura Coniglio
    2/12/2013 Miracle Moments

    Pastor Russell Hodgins
    12/10/2012 Turning The Corner

    Dr. Mark Chironna
    9/19/2012 The Big Picture

    Prophetess Bobbie Jo Hamilton
    1/30/2012 Favorite Child

    Bishop Gerald Loyd

    Bishop Gerald Loyd
    1/17/2012 God's Waiting Room

    Bishop Roderick Caeser

    Bishop Roderick Caesar
    1/10/2012 Solemn Assembly

    Prophet Barry E. Taylor