Blooming In Hard Places by Pastor Gale Alvarez

by Gale Alvarez on April 26, 2022

I saw this while on a walk and it captured my attention for so many reasons. This flower stands alone. It grew next to a brick wall and in dirt that was covered in rocks. How many of us have thought we could not grow from where we came from and have used the past as an excuse to not bloom? How many of us have felt isolated and alone and have denied ourselves the ability to grow regardless? So many thoughts while I stood staring at the incredible life of this flower and the green leaves that surrounded it. It is easy to grow in a well kept garden surrounded by other flowers but to stand in beauty all alone is determination. We must learn to grow in the hard seasons of life and withstand the elements that seek to pull us up from our roots and end our life cycle. It is easy to grow in sunshine but are we willing to grow in shade and in lack? The bible tells us to endure hard times as good soldiers of the Lord Jesus Christ. May we know Him in the fellowship of suffering and stay intimately aware of His presence, His power and His prayers.


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