Corners of Life

by Gale Alvarez on June 16, 2022

So many of us talk about knowing our safe circle. It is the place where we are surrounded or encircled by those holding up our hands, praying for our heart and standing with us during the dark days. They are a strong people who can keep confidence and stay calm regardless…. A safe circle is a life gift and we all need that place and space of feeling safe and secure in the journey. I am reminded today that we must not forget the corner people. The ones who sit quiet yet at the ready to help us turn life’s corners with words of encouragement in the secret place, meals delivered that taste like love and who clean up the mess without saying a word. The corner’s of life help us navigate the times and the seasons when everything that seemed straight went crooked and when everything that was smooth got sharp and painful. Thank you for sitting at the edge with me and for pulling me back to strength upon strength. ❤️


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