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We hope our church can be a place where you connect to others and find a home. Here at our church, we believe in the core values of inclusivity and redemption, grace and love and, above all - the transforming power of Christ. We never arrive, but we are all committed to walking the journey together. Our dedicated team would love to connect with you and hear more of your story, and help find the best place for you to flourish. 

We're so excited you're interested in learning more about who we are and joining the family!

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The body of Christ has many members and parts. Every member matters to the functionality of the body. We do not see you as just another body filling up a seat in service, you mean so much more. You matter to God and you matter to us. There is a place for you here in the body. If you have found your home at LOJ, let us help you get connected to a community. There is a place here where you can grow in your faith and where your gift can be cultivated.  

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Find a need and meet it. Find a hurt and heal it. Find a problem and solve it. Jesus told his disciples "whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant." By definition, the word "minister" means "to help or serve." You do not need the title to minister, you just need a will to serve. Whatever we have done to the least of these, we have done it unto to Christ. Come serve with us. 


Global Impact


The mission is the great commission. Go into all the world, preach the gospel to every creature. The Love of Jesus is not just a name, but a reality that we live by. From community outreach to missions aboard, we endeavor to change our world with the truth of God's love. Co-labor with us as we co-labor with God in spreading the good news of Jesus Christ from coast to coast and beyond. 

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